MAGNOLIA VASE by Naja Utzon Popov

Internationally acknowledged ceramist and sculptor Naja Utzon Popov has created an organically shaped vase that directly addresses our collective longing for authenticity, simplicity and nature. The Magnolia vase, inspired by the flowers of the magnolia tree. She inherited her creative genes from her grandfather, Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect known for designing the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia; her mother, prominent Danish artist Lin Utzon; and her father, acclaimed Australian architect Alex Popov.

The surface of the Magnolia vase is matt and tactile, in beautiful contrast with the smooth, glazed interior surfaces. The shape is just as accommodating and organic as the material, and the new Magnolia vase by Sibast Furniture exemplifies the nature-inspired design of ceramist Naja Utzon Popov.

Magnolia is a ceramic vase and is available in white or black.


1.395 kr.

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TYPE: Vase
DESIGNER: Naja Utzon Popov
MATERIAL: Ceramics
TREATMENT AND COLOUR: Black or white with mat glaze inside
DIMENSIONS: H: 32 cm/12.6 inches

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