Long-haired sheepskin from Iceland are an unrivalled natural material that keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Exclusive and of the highest quality this skin comes in different white and black nuances. Enjoy the added comfort and style and use the skin in the Sibast No 8 dining chair or the Sibast No 7 Lounge.

Icelandic sheepskins are beautiful and unique. Evolving over time to the exposure of the cold Icelandic climate, it consists of two types of fibres; the inner fibres that are fine, soft and highly insulating while the outer fibres are long and water-repellent.

1.295 kr.

For more customized options not listed above – please contact us here

TYPE: Icelandic longhaired sheepskin
DIMENSIONS: L: 110-130 cm/43-51 inches W: 61-80 cm/ 24-31.5 inches, Wool length: 12-18 cm/4.7-7 inches

Free delivery in Denmark and most European countries.
In some countries due to long distances there can be a freight fee. If this is the case it will show before payment at check out.

Delivery time: 1-2 days
Returns within 30 days with convenient return service

Sheepskins are naturally dirt repellent, anti-bacterial, resilient, hypoallergenic and resistant to water, flame and static electricity due to the natural lanolin oil/fat the skin contains. Therefore we recommend that you frequently shake and air your sheepskin and brush it with a soft brush from time to time to restore its full and fluffy appearance and lustre. You can vacuum very gently by low volume if more thoroughly cleaning is needed. Avoid using water or detergents on your skin, as the natural lanolin fat/oil in the skin is damaged and the skin will retract in shape.

Please note that as this is a natural product, some discolouration can occur if left in direct sunlight or close to a radiator or heater for prolonged periods of time.
Please see our maintenance and care instructions here


Each Sibast Icelandic sheepskin is a natural product and
therefore unique and carefully selected to meet the high
quality standard. The skins all differ in shape, structure and
shade. The sheepskins are naturally dirt repellent, antibacterial,
resilient, hypoallergenic and resistant to water,
flame and static electricity due to the natural lanolin oil/fat

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