Sibast No 3 TABLE Extensions

Enjoy added flexibility with the Sibast No 3 dining table by
easily mounting up to two extension panels per table.
The extension panels are easily placed in the middle of the
Sibast No 3 table adding an extra 50 cm/19.6 inches per
panel to the length of the table.

The panels are designed with similar details as the table
allowing a smooth and seamless appearance when applied.
This gives the possibility to use the panels as a permanent
and beautiful solution to add additional length to the table as
well as only using the panels occasionally when extra space is

The extension panels are available in solid oak or black
lacquered MDF.

From 2.495 kr.

For more customized options not listed above – please contact us here

TYPE: Extension Panel
DESIGNER: Anna & Ditlev Sibast
MATERIAL: Solid oak or black lacquered MDF
TREATMENT: Soap, natural oil, white oil, dark oil, smoked, black lacquered MDF
L: 50 cm / 19.7 inches W:120 cm/47.2 inches
L: 50 cm / 19.7 inches W:140 cm /55.1 inches

L: 57 cm/ 22.44 inches W: 124 cm/ 48.82 inches H: 10.5 cm/ 4.13 inches – 10.5 kg – 0.07 cbm
L: 57 cm/ 22.44 inches W: 144 cm/ 48.82 inches H: 10.5 cm/ 4.13 inches – 13.5 kg – 0.07 cbm

Free delivery in Denmark and most European countries.
In some countries due to long distances there can be a freight fee. If this is the case it will show before payment at check out.

Delivery time: All our furniture is made to order by our carpentry. This means we ship your order 4 weeks after you have made your purchase.

Returns within 30 days with convenient return service

Please notice if panels are of solid oak and only used occasionally the color and appearance over time may vary from the color of the table. This is due to the wood patinating differently being differently disposed to light and surroundings. It is further important to store the solid oak panels horizontally and in the same conditions, humid etc. as the main table, as wood is a natural material and will absorb humid and change shape if conditions are not meet, and thus over time resulting in not being compatible with the table.

The Sibast Furniture collection is designed and manufactured to last for generations. It is made with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and high quality as our ancestors. To ensure it ages gracefully and with the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly maintained and cared for as recommended in our maintenance and care instructions.

All furniture included in the Sibast Furniture collection is made out of natural material such as wood, fabric and leather. This means that differences will occur in both finishes and material and that natural markings in the leather hides as well as natural variations in the surface of the wood and the colour of the finishes must be appreciated and expected.

Please see our maintenance and care instructions here


The Sibast No 3 table is a timeless design piece that celebrates the Sibast family design heritage. It comes in solid oak with a minimalistic and clean design. With the focus on quality and sublime craftsmanship the table is inspired by the fine lines in the Sibast No 1 Side Table from our 1950’s family design heritage.

The Sibast No 3 table was initially customised to the Michelin Star restaurant Domestic in Aarhus, Denmark, making sure every detail of the table was well thought through. All details have a purpose from the curve of the table top to the positioning of the legs giving room for the surrounding chairs ensuring the complete and comfortable dining experience.

The Sibast No 3 table is available with up to two extension panels giving a flexibility and scale within the functionality of the design.





The sculptural dining chairs – Sibast No 7, No 8 and No 9 from 1953 – has become the hallmarks of Sibast Furniture, and it is this same design heritage that has been re-established by the fourth generation: Helge Sibast’s grandson Ditlev Sibast and his wife Anna Sibast. Although the Sibast family lost ownership of Sibast Furniture for a while after Helge Sibast’s passing in 1985, the family retained the right to his designs. So in 2013, the couple decided to re-establish his grandfather’s designs with the same focus on craftsmanship and quality. Supplemented by a desire to tell new design stories and add new perspectives on the timeless icons, new furniture pieces came to life where Sibast No 7 lounge and bar chair stands out as the two most significant.

Anna og Ditlev Sibast_Sibast Furniture


Michelin star chefs and restaurants have selected Sibast items as well as renowned architects from e.g. Paris, New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen have chosen Sibast as their selected and bespoke furniture for their high-end projects and clients.


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