XLIBRIS Shelves Series

The underlying concept of XLIBRIS has been growing and developing in Kasper Eistrup’s mind for almost four years. It was originally stimulated by the artist’s own need for a workplace shelf in his atelier and subsequently by his aversion to shelf brackets. Initially as a personal project, Eistrup teamed up with Sibast Furniture to develop two pieces of multifunctional furniture: a wall-mounted, self-supporting shelf and a matching table, both with an ultra-slim silhouette and a light style, reminiscent of Japanese origami art – and completely devoid of brackets.

Despite its apparent simplicity, XLIBRIS is brimming with small artisanal and functional details. These include a concealed cable outlet in the wall-mounted desk, enabling the elegant and discreet connection of a laptop, smartphone or lamp to the power grid. Both the shelf and the wall-mounted desk are assembled without visible screws, emphasising the impression of XLIBRIS as two integrated pieces of furniture that seemingly grow out of the wall.

Kasper Eistrup’s artistic approach to design and his sense of detail are evident in XLIBRIS, furnished with an exclusive brass emblem mounted on the side of both the shelf and the wall-mounted desk. The emblem is made up of four hearts joined into a four-leaf clover. The hearts symbolise a predilection for necessity, functionality, the material and the craft – all of which were involved in the development of XLIBRIS. The name XLIBRIS itself, which was also Kasper Eistrup’s idea, refers to a bookplate (ex libris), once customarily put into books to indicate ownership. In some instances, bookplates were elaborate works of art created by draughtsmen or engravers.

“I have a predilection for utility and for accomplished craftsmanship, and XLIBRIS is notably the embodyment of simplicity that meets a genuine need”