Restaurant Kiin Kiin

Location: Copenhagen, DENMARK

Details: Kiin Kiin is the smallest restaurant in Copenhagen with only six seats. Run by Danish Michelinstar chef Henrik Yde and Lertchei Treetawachaiwong Kiin Kiin 71 serves luxury and an experience like any other. The interior of the 200 year old warehouse is rustic and masculine, perfectly paired with Sibast No 7 BAR.

Photo: Kiin Kiin

Featured pieces: Sibast No 7 BAR


Restaurant Domestic

Location: Aarhus, DENMARK

Details: MICHELIN Star restaurant in a homely, relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves gourmet cuisine made from organic and locally produced ingredients. Our table, Sibast No 3, was customized for Restaurant Domestic, and the goal was to obtain the best dining experience in comfortable surroundings.

Photo: Domestic

Featured pieces: Sibast No 3 TABLE, Sibast No 8 DINING & Sibast No 7 DINING



Location: Copenhagen, DENMARK

Details: Located in Copenhagen Airport, Ricco’s Kaffe is a break away from the busy airport scene. The coffee is served in comfortable surroundings and can be e