lucerne, switzerland

Restaurant gütsch

Michelin-star restaurant in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The combination of the stunning view, the delicious food, and the curated architecture make Restaurant Gütsch a must see attraction.
The outside terrace gives a privileged point of view of the Alps, and it’s the perfect location for those looking for some relaxation in high-altitude.

Architect: Studio Seilern
Photo Courtesy: Restaurant Gütsch, Ronald Halbe


The restaurant greets the guests with a cozy dining room, perfect for cold and snowy days. Sibast No 7 & 8 play an essential role in keeping the harmony of shapes and colors. The chairs’ elegance creates a magic combination with the architecture of Gütsch Restaurant and the outstanding view.
The restaurant is 2344 m above sea level and can be reached only with a gondola lift, making this experience even more unique.

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