AV Egoist Chaise Longue Side Table

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One of Danish architect Arne Vodder’s favourite pieces of furniture was the AV Egoist chaise longue he designed in the early 1950s, only a few of which were made. 

A rarity, timeless and unique, the AV Egoist chaise longue was a personal favourite of Danish architect and designer Arne Vodder (1926-2009). Even so, only a few were manufactured after it was designed in the early 1950s. This is now being made up for. Danish manufacturer Sibast Furniture has delved into the archives – together with Michael Vodder, son of Arne Vodder – and, with the help of some old drawings, measurements and a few photos, their joint efforts have succeeded in recreating the chaise longue, which Michael Vodder doesn’t hesitate to call his father’s signature piece of furniture

The AV Egoist chaise longue is available in walnut or FSC-certified oak in finishes soap, white oil, natural oil, dark oil and smoked. Woven shoulder leather in black, brandy and nature. The chaise longue is available with a cushion for the back of the head, as well as a side table of brass and solid oak or walnut.

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TYPE: Chaise longue side table
DESIGNER: Arne Vodder
MATERIAL:  Solid oak from sustainable foresting or walnut – leg in brass
TREATMENT: Oak soap, oak natural oil, oak white oil, oak dark oil, oak smoked, walnut lacquer
DIMENSIONS: H:24 cm/9.45 inches x W: 21 cm/8.27 inches x L:40 cm/15.75 inches

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All furniture included in the Sibast Furniture collection is made out of natural material such as wood, fabric and leather. This means that differences will occur in both finishes and material and that natural markings in the leather hides as well as natural variations in the surface of the wood and the colour of the finishes must be appreciated and expected.

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“The chaise longue fits in perfectly with our collection due to its high artisanal quality and its beautiful, timeless design. Its unique appearance and classical elegance engage in perfect dialogue with the rest of the designs in our range of furniture by designers including Helge Sibast, Piet Hein and Arne Vodder,” explains CEO Ditlev Sibast, who is a co-owner as well as the fourth generation at Sibast Furniture.

Ditlev Sibast came across a vintage model of Arne Vodder’s chaise longue online when it popped up on an auction site. He would subsequently discover that Arne Vodder’s son, Michael Vodder, who manages his father’s design heritage, had original hand drawings of it on file in his archive. This launched the task of creating a dimensionally accurate model. The chaise longue was originally available in beech, mahogany, oak and teak models, in combination with shoulder leather, like the model being relaunched today. The relaunched model is available in walnut or oak.

The son of Arne Vodder was not yet born when his father designed the chaise longue, but even so he has personal memories of the chair because there was one in a friend’s home when he was a child.

“I remember my father’s keen interest in this type of chair and how proud he was of the chaise longue. After striking out on my own, I’ve always dreamt of having this specific chair in my home,” explains Michael Vodder, who is pleased that Sibast Furniture is breathing new life into the chaise longue – and that his dream will come true in the process.

It was one of the most iconic pieces of furniture my father ever designed, and, in my opinion, its style is still fresh and up-to-date,” explains Michael Vodder, who recalls that Arne Vodder had an intuitive sense of formats and harmony.

The AV Egoist chaise longue is available in walnut or FSC-certified oak in finishes soap, white oil, natural oil, dark oil and smoked. Woven shoulder leather from Sørensen Læder in black, brandy and nature. The chaise longue is available with a cushion for the back of the head, as well as a side table of brass and solid oak or walnut.






Danish architect and designer Arne Vodder is considered one of Denmark’s most prominent architects of the mid-20th century. He was trained by master carpenter Niels Vodder at the School of Interior Design in the mid-1940s and completed his training by becoming a qualified architect at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1947, where his teacher and mentor was Finn Juhl.

Arne Vodder’s furniture went to US president Jimmy Carter in the White House, to Pope Paul V in Rome, to the UN office in Geneva, as well as to offices, airlines, embassies and hotels all over the world, thus helping to pave the way for a golden age of Danish Design outside Denmark.

See the story about Arne Vodder here



Michelin star chefs and restaurants have selected Sibast items as well as renowned architects from e.g. Paris, New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen have chosen Sibast as their selected and bespoke furniture for their high-end projects and clients.


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