OUTDOOR RIB Package Deal – Dining Table & 6 Dining Chairs

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The Danish-designed RIB collection represents a labor of love, embodying meticulous dedication and a profound hom- age to the Golden Age of Danish design. Crafted by Morten Anker, this collection pays tribute to the timeless influence of Wegner, Juhl, Jacobsen, Sibast, and their contemporaries, who have left an indelible mark on the global design land- scape.

Driven by a commitment to quality, comfort, and aesthetics, the development process prioritizes the creation of minimal- ist yet enduring designs. Anchored in sustainability, Anker’s vision seeks to seamlessly integrate outdoor lifestyles with aesthetic appeal, using responsibly sourced materials to craft pieces that transcend trends and stand the test of time.

With a focus on preserving Danish design heritage while infusing it with his own identity and vision, Morten Anker ensures that each piece bears the hallmark of excellence synonymous with the Anker name.

TYPE: OUTDOOR package deal
DESIGNER: Morten Anker (1978-)
MATERIAL: High quality certified core teak with a high oil content and extreme hardness
TREATMENT: None – No chemicals or artificial color used


Free delivery in Denmark and most European countries.
In some countries due to long distances there can be a freight fee. If this is the case it will show before payment at check out.

Delivery time: In stock – We ship your order 1-3 working days after you have made your purchase. Returns within 30 days with convenient return service.

The Sibast Furniture collection is designed and manufactured to last for generations. It is made with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and high quality as our ancestors. To ensure it ages gracefully and with the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly maintained and cared for as recommended in our maintenance and care instructions.

All furniture included in the Sibast Furniture collection is made out of natural material such as wood, fabric and leather. This means that differences will occur in both finishes and material and that natural markings in the leather hides as well as natural variations in the surface of the wood and the colour of the finishes must be appreciated and expected.

Please see our maintenance and care instructions for outdoor furnishings here


For nearly three decades, spanning multiple generations, the Anker family has been at the helm of designing high-quality, sustainable outdoor furniture. With a deep-seated belief in enriching the outdoor living experience, Morten Anker 2nd generation, has strived to offer the opportunity to savor the pleasures of nature over the years. The name “Anker,” which carries a familial heritage, has evolved into more than just a surname. Drawing inspiration from ancient symbolism, it encapsulates themes of hope, resilience and serenity. This emblem represents the core values underpinning Anker’s approach to designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture.



MORTEN ANKER (1978-) Designer

Morten Anker’s design vision is centered on contributing to outdoor lifestyles in a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing manner. To achieve this, he dedicates himself to creating beautiful and timeless pieces of the utmost quality, using sustainably sourced materials. The furniture pieces are built to withstand the test of time, a testament to the enduring legacy that the Anker name and family heritage respects. Morten Anker is committed to preserving the rich Danish design heritage while staying true to his own identity and vision. This commitment to a sustainable approach ensures a shared future where both tradition, aesthetics and innovation coexist harmoniously.

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Michelin star chefs and restaurants have selected Sibast items as well as renowned architects from e.g. Paris, New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen have chosen Sibast as their selected and bespoke furniture for their high-end projects and clients.


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