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The ageless dining chair designed by Helge Sibast in 1953 has a unique character and a bold design. As an accomplished cabinetmaker as well as furniture architect, Helge Sibast not only designed but personally crafted his original furniture, which often challenged traditional ways of working with wood. The characteristic moulded backrest is a defining element that not only lends the chair its bold personality but also ensures outstanding seating comfort. The gently tapered back legs give the design a light and elegant appearance. Likewise, the seat construction lifts the seat free of the legs, contributing to the clean and simple expression. An original dining chair of enduring beauty and quality. Sibast No 7 is crafted using wood from FSC® – certified forests and other controlled sources. 


This year we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Sibast Classic Collection – The dining chairs Sibast No 7-8-9 


TYPE: Dining chair
DESIGNER: Helge Sibast (1908-1985)
MATERIAL: FSC® certified oak or beech
TREATMENT: Soap, natural oil, oak white oil, oak dark oil, white pigmented lacquer, black, oak smoked, beech dark stained.
UPHOLSTERY: Leather/Wool/Wooden seat
DIMENSIONS: H: 73.5 cm/28.9 inches SH:45 cm/17.7 inches W: 54 cm/21.3 inches
PACKAGING DIMENSIONS: H: 75 cm/29.5 inches L: 55 cm/21.7 inches W: 56 cm/22.0 inches – 8 kg – 0.25 cbm
CERTIFICATIONS: Approved for contract use


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The Sibast Furniture collection is designed and manufactured to last for generations. It is made with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and high quality as our ancestors. To ensure it ages gracefully and with the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly maintained and cared for as recommended in our maintenance and care instructions.

All furniture included in the Sibast Furniture collection is made out of natural material such as wood, fabric and leather. This means that differences will occur in both finishes and material and that natural markings in the leather hides as well as natural variations in the surface of the wood and the colour of the finishes must be appreciated and expected.

Please see our maintenance and care instructions here


One of Helge Sibast’s most noteworthy designs is the Sibast No 7 dining chair. With its easily recognisable profile and embracing, curved back, the chair is designed by this Danish furniture designer in 1953 is accompanied by a matching lounge chair and a tall barstool bringing together the Sibast No 7 family.

1953 was a productive year for Danish furniture designer Helge Sibast, internationally renowned for his distinctive chairs, several of which were created during the early 1950s. 1953 also saw the launch of the Sibast No 7 dining chair. Like the Sibast No 8 and 9 chairs, this dining chair with its embracing back embodies powerful visual design elements. It remains an outstanding contribution from the golden age of Danish furniture design and holds a place of honour as an iconic piece of furniture in modern, contemporary contexts more than seven decades after its original launch.

The reason Sibast No 7 is still relevant today is not least because the chair was already innovative in 1953. Helge Sibast, a visionary designer with a refined sense of materials and a keen eye for the craft, dared take his design to the brink of what was technically possible. The furniture designer’s daring design is clearly expressed in Sibast No 7, which is primarily characterised by its wide, extraordinarily curved top rail. In this chair, Helge Sibast tested the limits of moulding technology at the time.



HELGE SIBAST (1908-1984) Furniture Architect, Designer & Cabinetmaker

The Sibast dining chairs proves how Helge Sibast felt at home in the cabinetmaker’s workshop. His artisanal background is undeniable and he was uncompromising down to the last detail. Helge Sibast inherited his woodworking skills and passion for wood from his father, who founded the undertaking in 1908. Quality and craftsmanship have been the core values of Sibast Furniture ever since.

See the story about Helge Sibast here

Helge Sibast 1908-1985 Portrait


Michelin star chefs and restaurants have selected Sibast items as well as renowned architects from e.g. Paris, New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen have chosen Sibast as their selected and bespoke furniture for their high-end projects and clients.


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